7” (Aluminum Horseshoe) Rasp Standard Blade

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ALL KNIVES ARE MADE TO ORDER! 2 to 3 weeks until we ship!

Handmade farrier rasp knife with genuine horseshoe handle. Our knives are the highest quality in all of southeast Texas, they are all one of a kind—no two knives are the same due to the uniqueness of the materials and craftsmanship!

They are all handmade out of a little shop in New Waverly, Texas by Bruce Klawinski (aka - The Knife Guy)

Our blades are made from farrier rasp steel. This blade is a high carbon steel which will offer professional performance in categories of toughness, strength, edge honing and holding ability (crazy sharp). Due to the carbon content of the blades, they will need to be regularly oiled to maintain its superior quality for the lifetime of the knife.

This specially crafted knife features a genuine Aluminum Horseshoe handle, and is a one of a kind knife. These knives come with a leather cross draw sheath—right or left handed—and are made right here in our little shop by, Mrs. Tracy Klawinski using high-quality premium leather. Each sheath is hand cut, tooled, sewn and finished—complete with our maker's mark!

Cross Draw sheaths can be worn both vertically or horizontally on the belt.